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1.6 - 1.8 2015

1.9 - 24.12 2013

1.3 - 31.8 2013

15.6 - 1.9 2012

1.3 2011





4.5-6.5 2018



25.9- 29.9 2017

11.9 -13.9 2017

2.9- 4.9 2017







12.4 - 12.6 2018

22.2.108 - Now

17.1 - 26.2 2018

2.9-29.9 2017

5.7-30.7 2017

28.7-9.8 2016

2.7-28.7 2016


I believe that design should not be defined over its borders, but in itself be

a multidisciplinary approach to improve and challenge current situations.

Looking at my physical work it defines me as a product designer, although

working on installations jumping between the borders of art and design is

something that I enjoy a great deal.

Through design I want to strip away the artifice from the object; it should

be an improvement without falsification.

What always stays is a big love and fascination for material which is the

driving force behind all my work.


what I've done so far


Education received:


Graduated master of arts in social design at the Design Academy Eindhoven

Graduated bachelor of arts in product design at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Internship at the locksmith shop Henning in Stuttgart

Foreign semester at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn

Internship at Entwurfreich in Düsseldorf

Internship at bogevischs buero architects and city planners in Munich

Starting product design studies at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd



Education given & shared:


Workshop 'wasted away' at Art Laboratory, Nijmegen

Workshop 'multitude of waste' at Stichting Fabrikaat, Nijmegen

Artist talk at Universität Burg Halle, Germany

Workshop "untitled" at the DAE by Stephane Barbier Bouvet, Assistant

Workshop "foraging the body" at the DAE by Eric Klarenbeek, Assistant

Molding and casting workshop by Sarah Reynders, Assistant

Blood related artist talk at the Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne

Talk about design & aversion at the aed designers punch



Freelance work, Residencies and  Commissions


Resjdency 'art meets science' at Wageningen UR

Freelance work for Levi van Veluw

Freelance work for Studio Drift

Assistant teacher at the Design Academy Eindhoven

Commissioned series of blood objects for the Science Gallery Melbourne

Interieur Design for the Atelier LUMA residency in Arles

Interieur Design for the gallery ‚mortadelle‘ by mayeur projects in Arles




Nomination Gijs Bakker Award

Nomination for the newcomer of the year award 2016 from the German Design Council

First price at the aed neuland award in the category product design